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Bricktrade are reinventing property investment. So whoever you are, wherever you live, or whatever you do for a living, you can now start to build a property portfolio with our unique brick-by-brick investment model.
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One Park Drive, London

Luxury apartment located in Canary Wharf, London. Investors will earn 5% APY yield & 7% APY Property appreciation, true asset-backed investment. Interest is calculated annually and returns are paid in Dai or GBP. Tokens are issued on ETH.

44 Acre Solar Farm

Opportunity to invest in generating green energy via investment into a UK based solar farm. Total raise of 1M for phase one will generate an 11% APY return for investors for 10 years. Interest is calculated annually and returns are paid in Dai or GBP. Tokens are issued on ETH.

Planning Granted for 192 Properties

Opportunity to invest in the creation of this 117 Detached houses and 75 apartment development. Participate in the first raise of 7 for 1m. Current site worth 8m, valuation of the site after completion is 24m. Earn 8% APY over 36 mnths. Interest is calculated annually and returns are paid in Dai or GBP. Tokens are issued on ETH.

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Crowd for Angels always prides itself on its focus on innovation. And this partnership with Bricktrade helps us forward that statement. We are attracted to their innovative efforts to advance the real estate market with their offering. More and more investors are looking for diversification as the crowdfunding market grows.”
Andrew Adcock
CEO, Crowd for Angels
“We are excited to partner with Bricktrade, not only because we will be collaborating to bring their real-world real estate assets into the Metaverse, but also because, through the tokenization of high end real estate, they are providing our communities around the world with unprecedented access to these investment opportunities.”
Evan Buckman
CEO, Realm
“Bricktrade being chosen as one of the first eligible subscribers to our newly launched strategic partnership program, which facilitates for startups the use of our tech without an upfront licensing cost, is evidence to our belief in the strength of Bricktrade's value driven approach, and the will to disrupt. We encourage our community and all members of connected communities to be part of the energy behind this launch working to make it a big success..”
Makram Hani,
COO, Blocksquare

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